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Charging Your Ring & Best Practices

NexRing is charged through a wireless charging dock, the USB charging power cord and wireless charging dock are placed in your box.

Charging Your Ring

Your NexRing can take anywhere from 10-90 minutes to charge, depending on your battery level. Your ring battery level will be shown in the upper right-hand corner of the Home     tab.

To charge your ring, connect the USB charging power cord to the wireless charging dock and put the ring into the wireless charging dock. And plug the USB into a power source (e.g., a laptop, or power adapter). Then the LED light on the charging dock will be slowly pulsing white. When the LED light is solid white, your ring is fully charged. You will receive a push notification when charging is complete.


If the ring cannot be charged, please refer to the following troubleshooting steps:

(1) Ensure your ring is resting properly on the size-specific dock. If it is, a small light will appear on the front of the charger.
(2) Try using a different USB-A to USB-C charging cable.
(3) Turn the USB-C cable 180 degrees, and reinsert it in the ring charger.
(4) Try using a different power brick or source.

If you're still having trouble, please email our technical engineer

Best Practices
1. Best Times to Charge Your Ring

Generally, we suggest keeping your USB cable in your purse, car, backpack, or at your desk. Because the USB cable quickly connects to laptops and power adapter, you can charge your ring easily while working, watching television, browsing the internet, or doing the dishes. We recommend keeping your ring's battery level above 30%, if possible.

2. Enable Low Battery Notifications

To receive reminders before bed when your NexRing's battery is low, enable Battery level notifications in the NexRing App. To do so, follow the steps below.

(1) Go to the Settings      tab.

(2) Tap Settings > Notifications.

3. Ensure Your Ring is Charged Before Bed

It’s important that your ring be charged to at least 30% before going to bed, which is why employing some of the strategies listed above may be beneficial. If your battery level isn't at least 30% prior to bed, you’ll miss out on your sleep insights for the night. 

Keep in mind: if this occurs, you’ll still receive a bedtime and wake-up time, but no Sleep or Readiness Score, and no further breakdown of your sleep stages, heart rate variability, respiratory rate, or resting heart rate. Consider getting into the habit of charging your ring a little bit each day so you’ll never have to miss out on personalized insights from NexRing when you wake-up.

Things to Keep in Mind
1. What to Expect from Your NexRing Battery

On average, a fully charged ring will last 4-7 days. This can vary depending on several factors, such as the age of your ring, how often you make use of daytime features, and if you take naps throughout your day. Keep in mind that more battery will be used whenever your ring is actively collecting data from its LED and temperature sensors—for example, while using Live Heart Rate features.

Keep in mind that batteries are complex, and many variables can contribute to battery life and longevity. All rechargeable batteries are consumables and have a limited lifespan, so their capacity and performance will gradually decline with time.

2. Prevent Damage to Your Battery

Certain factors may lead to battery damage. They are listed below.

· Making your ring connected to the power supply for a period of time greater than one week. Charging while at maximum capacity for extended periods of time can reduce battery life substantially.

· Long exposure to extreme temperatures (hot/freezing). 

· Allowing your ring’s battery to reach 0% can affect its longevity.

· The USB power cord is intended to be supplied by an external 5Vdc supply that complies with IEC 62368-1 standard. The power available to the equipment should not exceed 15W after 3 seconds.

3. Taking a Long Break from Wearing Your Ring?

If you plan on taking a break from wearing your ring, we recommend placing your ring in Power Saving Mode before storing it to protect the battery capacity from deteriorating.

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