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Top 20 Advantages of Unified Communications

Updated: Feb 8, 2020

The conversion to any new communications system should not be made lightly. We get it. Change is hard and system-wide upgrades can be even more challenging. As a leader, you have to see the larger picture. There are business drivers that can justify and inform the decision. Here are the top 20 benefits we hear:

  1. Decrease the cost of buildings and facilities as less team collaboration space is needed

  2. Decrease the cost of travel expenses from team members, contractors, and SMEs

  3. Decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO) through a consolidated system.

  4. Decrease operating expenses (OpEx) with standardized unified communications (UC) implementation with documented procedures.

  5. Decrease the cost of hardware requirements and mixed releases and environments.

  6. Decrease the cost of support of outdated integrations with performance issues

  7. Decrease the risk of lost calls, emails, and other communications

  8. Decrease the cost of renting old telephony hardware

  9. Decrease the cost of account managers, contracts, and bills from various providers.

  10. Decrease dropped calls and video conferences.

  11. Increase customer satisfaction with a support center that can handle voice, chat, email, text, etc.

  12. Increase the ability to recruit and integrate experts in remote locations into your workforce.

  13. Increase sales through integrated marketing strategy across teams and locations.

  14. Increase redundancy with fewer single points of failure.

  15. Increase real-time problem solving by bringing in remote experts instantly.

  16. Increase security by having one vendor.

  17. Increase efficiency by shifting upgrades and maintenance to the provider

  18. Increase IT utilization by re-tasking skilled IT staff.

  19. Increase productivity by collaborating on documents and projects in realtime.

  20. Increase scalability with flexible provisioning based on current workloads and project needs.

At Nexvoo we pride ourselves on helping partners and customers maximize the ROI and benefits from investing in Unified Communications. We'd love to hear from you. What benefits are you hoping to realize? Click here to let us know.


Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, NEXVOO® is a leading global brand of video-enhanced unified communications solutions, including Phones (NEXFONES™), Video Conference Bars (NEXBARS™) and Video-enhanced Large IFPs Panels (NEXBOARDS™). For more information, product specifications, and where to buy products, visit

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