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What is Unified Communications?

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

How can Unified Communication help our organization's communications?

Explore how Unified Communications can change the way you communicate.

What is Unified Communications?

If you aren't looking for Unified Communication (UC) solutions, it is because you haven't heard of the term. Most businesses with more than two people in the US already have communication challenges internally that UC will solve.

Let's say you have a dev team of 4 in Salt Lake City and a sales team of 6 in New York and Seattle. You have a standing weekly video conference. One of the team members, Gabe, is stuck in the Denver airport. Jen needs to show some updated slides. The dev team needs to show a new UX. All of this needs to happen seamlessly. It doesn't, though. It's a one-hour meeting with 22 minutes of getting the tech to work and trying to patch in Gabe so he can see the slides. You never do figure it out, and someone has to email the slides to Gabe, which he can't open because they are in a format he can't open. The meeting happened, but it was more a lesson of broken communications than an efficient hour. Sound familiar?

Here's another. Let's assume you are on the phone with a large account. The customer has an engineering question that requires you to find the best available engineer on your team in another city and timezone, to hop on the call. How are you going to do that? Start emailing? Send a group text? Use the internal messaging system? Who from engineering even checks that? Sound familiar?

Unified Communications exists to solve the problems of multi-site, multi-device, multi-platform communications. It bridges all of those so a user can move seamlessly between a text then a phone call then a video presentation. As a service, it also knows where team members are if they are available, and via which device.

Ironically in the UC industry, there are so many service providers that it is time to have a partner who truly desires to unify. A partner to bring disparate systems together. A partner with tools that have the end-user in mind. Nexvoo® is that partner.

At Nexvoo®, we pride ourselves on being a software-agnostic hardware provider for companies who don't have time to let technology get in the way of communications. Let Us Unify You With Nexvoo.


Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, NEXVOO® is a leading global brand of video-enhanced unified communications solutions, including Phones (NEXFONES™), Video Conference Bars (NEXBARS™) and Video-enhanced Large IFPs Panels (NEXBOARDS™). For more information, product specifications, and where to buy products, visit

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